tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2012

Lightroom 4 beta

Adobe julkaisi beta-version suositusta Lightroomista ja se pitää sisällään pääpiirteittäin seuraavanlaista.

- New name - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
- New design for panels
- Robust Video Support
- Manage images by location with the Map Module
- Simplified Basic Adjustments
- Powerful new Shadow & Highlight controls
- Additional local adjustments including Noise Reduction and White Balance
- Soft Proofing Reinvented
- Elegant Photo Book creation
- Email from directly within Lightroom
- Publish videos directly to Facebook or Flickr
- Adobe Revel (Carousel) export workflow
- Enhanced search filters in Library module
- Improved Import dialog with ability to use EXIF metadata fields when naming images
- Fast import and user definable preview quality
- Improved progress feedback
- New Toolbars in all modules
- On/Off switches for panels
- Greater use of context menus
- File renaming in Library module
- New command to convert previously-imported images to DNG
- Badges to denote: development adjustments, cropping, keywords
- Burn to disk archiving
- Export/Import Photo Binders
- New Tone Curve and Histogram functionality
- Recovery, Fill Light and Vibrance in both Library and Develop modules
- New White Balance tool with magnifier grid and live update in Navigator
- Revised keyboard shortcuts
- Improved interoperability with Photoshop CS2 and Photoshop Elements
- Dedicated Web module for Flash and HTML output with native FTP client now in Windows

Teksti lainattu täältä (www.computer-darkroom.com), josta löytyy tarkempaa juttua ohjelmasta.

Beta-versio on saatavilla OSX Snow Leopardille/Lionille sekä Windows Vistalle/7:lle ja se on voimassa 31.3.2012 asti.

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